The Real Folk Panel

Asking questions helps everyone build their knowledge, leading to greater understanding around inclusion. That’s why we created The Real Folk Panel, our collective of underrepresented comms consultants who can provide you with the peace of mind and answers your brand needs to progress.

Our consultants works directly with you to encourage inclusion in comms, focusing on these four areas:

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Our team represents a wide range of lived experiences, skill sets and professional expertise, coming from different intersections of LGBTQIA+, ethnic groups, age 50+, disability, religion, gender, socio-economic backgrounds and more. Working with The Real Folk Panel allows you to tap into this wealth of knowledge and lived experience, gaining invaluable, first-hand insights to inform strategies, creative campaigns, ads, content, recruitment and more, giving you unbiased feedback, and enabling you to gauge possible reactions to your work.

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Want to know how inclusive your work is already? Drawing on the comms expertise and lived experience of The Real Folk Panel, we can explore your existing creative and comms output to see what you’re doing now, and how it could be better. This process brings constructive, solutions-based recommendations for making your work resonate more widely in the future.

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Alongside The Real Folk Panel, we run bespoke workshops that help you get to grips with inclusivity, looking at the specific challenges you face as a business, gaps in your knowledge and missed opportunities in your marketing. Our sessions identify and address everything from biases to cultural misunderstandings to empower your team, ultimately making what you do more inclusive.


Tokenism won’t take inclusion anywhere. We help businesses create an authentic inclusion strategy they can embed at an organisational and comms level. This allows you to avoid one-off campaigns or initiatives that may tick certain boxes, but don’t achieve long-standing inclusion.

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