Promoting road safety using TikTok

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To encourage conversation around road-safety and get a generation of young drivers to think about cyclists and other road users when out and about.

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According to Cycling UK, dooring, which happens when a driver opens their car door in the path of a cyclist, is responsible for more than 500 accidents across England, Wales and Scotland every year. Worryingly, 35% of drivers also admit to not looking for cyclists before opening their car door.

With a target audience of 17-24 year olds, we knew TikTok was the perfect platform for this campaign. After reaching out to one of the UK’s best choreographers, Liara Barussi, who has worked with the likes of Stormzy and Adidas, we worked with the Veygo team to create a simple routine highlighting the Dutch Reach manoeuvre through the medium of dance.

But with social distancing rules in place and local lockdowns to contend with, we faced the challenge of setting up and directing a remote shoot. Our resident team social talent and content assistant Molly Geddes took the drivers seat (pun intended!) and featured in the official Veygo video showcasing the choreography.

Partnering with five British influencers, the campaign’s original hashtag has now had more than 11.9k views to date.


Let’s protect cyclists and do the Dutch Reach together #Veygodutchreach #Tiktokchallenge #Drivingtips #Fyp #Cycling #Drivingchallenge

♬ original sound – Veygo Insurance

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