A bespoke strategy to raise awareness and educate consumers

The Challenge

With consumers seeking alternative healthcare solutions, our brief from at-home testing provider MyHealthChecked was to raise awareness of its vast assortment of scientifically-backed tests, and educate consumers on the benefits and support at-home testing can provide.

Despite many people being accustomed to Covid tests, at-home testing is still a relatively new category, which many didn’t quite understand. The general sentiment portrayed in media is that if you wish to gain a general understanding of your well-being, then engaging with home tests can be interesting and harmless. However, there are warnings when diagnosing significant health decisions.​ There was industry-wide scepticism from customers and media into the effectiveness and validity of these tests, price differences from competitors and confusion around what actions consumers can take from their results, so our work had to reinforce the efficacy and accuracy of the products.

Our Response

We delivered a bespoke communications strategy which outlined our focus of taking care over category PR and messaging and supported an often overlooked health issue among women.

Using insights on consumer barriers and behaviour to inform our messaging, and prioritising a specific demographic for our product-focused PR activity, we designed myth-busting copy in partnership with our in-house scientific experts, to create a big-bang campaign around heart health – Supporting Her Heart.

The outcome

We achieved increased brand awareness and share of voice within the sector by achieving 43 pieces of earned media coverage, with a combined reach of 3,033,519,313 in Q1 (December – February)

Nearly half (42%) of all coverage achieved was Gold Tier, surpassing our Gold Tier coverage KPI by 500%. In addition, 47% of our placements included links back to the Boots site or the MyHealthChecked website.

Our Supporting Her Heart campaign leveraged consumer data to generate an earned news story that coincided with Boots’ planned activity. Our Supporting Her Heart campaign spiked Google Searches for MyHealthChecked, as did our Vitamin D and New Year’s Resolutions Weight Management Content.


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