The Industry

Pinpointing perceptions to change attitudes about the hairdressing industry

The Challenge

Fewer and fewer young people were training to become hairdressers, and those that did didn’t represent the sense of diversity the career welcomes.

Our Response

Using our  Real Folk Community Insights Platform, we pinpointed the perceptions young people held on the hairdressing industry, and their place in it. As well as speaking to teens, we brought parents and teachers into the conversation, tapping into the people with the biggest influence who could  turn the issue around.

Gathering insights  from these voices, formed the springboard for a marketing campaign strategy that we were confident would effectively engaged our target audience.

Because the insights identified a need for career progression, pay grades and diversity within the industry, we knew to attract a greater breadth of students wanting to train, we’d need to showcase the diversity already present in the industry. We used these insights to create different creative executions, based on real stories to open young people’s minds to the real opportunities waiting within hairdressing. These creative assets were then shared with the target audience to stress test the campaign direction.

With their campaign fine-tuned to tackle their audience’s biggest barriers, by the audience themselves, our client could finally connect with the talent missing from the field, reaching them with a message that genuinely resonated.


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