Building a brand message to hit home on social media

The Challenge

Young adults crave a space they can feel accepted, whatever their background, choices, lifestyle or financial health – especially when it comes to banks. As a building society powered by its members, for its members, Principality understands the needs and challenges of a young person wanting to get on the property ladder, so how could we let more of the demographic know?

Our Response

Principality wanted to establish themselves as an inclusive, welcoming platform for all. Somewhere you can save, without being judged for your life choices if you don’t. Taking this ethos out to the target audience, the ATL campaign ‘Welcome Home’ began, laddering right back to their brand strapline ‘Where Home Matters’.

To activate the campaign, Folk created an ambitious social media strategy that put the message directly in the path of 18-34 years olds, amplifying its impact beyond traditional media placements.

To make sure our message really hit home, we researched the platform habits of the target audience, as well as the content they take to heart. This not only revealed the most relevant channels for reaching them, but we also learned young Welsh people have a strong national identity, leaning more and more into pro-Welsh language. For a campaign centred on welcoming people home, this became a poignant detail that underpinned our approach.

We designed our bilingual ‘Welcome Home’ social media campaign in collaboration with an active Welsh voice within the online community. Our influencers talked money through entertaining original content while we delivered the hero campaign in more native formats that felt natural for young users. Together, we reinforced Principality’s promise to be a place that has your back, welcoming a new audience home to the building society.


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